THE MOVIE
Transcribed by Phillip Thorne,
Version 1.3, 16 April 1995
Copyright Hasbro, Marvel, Sunbow Productions, etc.
All the standard disclaimers that apply, apply.
Other miscellaneous apologies to avoid copyright suits.
        Starring the voice talents of:
        Orson Welles   as      Unicron
        Judd Nelson    as      Hot Rod
        Lionel Stander  as      Kup
        Robert Stack   as      Ultra Magnus
        John Moschita  as      Blurr
        Leonard Nimoy  as      Galvatron
        Eric Idle      as      Wreck-gar
Running Time: 86 minutes.
MPAA Rating: PG
-----{Scene x}
[musical arrangement]
(Stage comments.  I'm keeping them relatively minimal in this version)
And now...             
                THE TRANSFORMERS:
                  THE MOVIE
-----{Scene 1} 
[Unicron's theme] 
(A binary red/blue giant system.
Something sails past--something huge, and spherical, with a spindly
ring around it.  UNICRON.  Flies past.  We see, through his mouth, a
small planet which he is approaching.)
(On the planet: the robotic inhabitants go about their daily business,
unaware of the fate about to befall them...two of them, KRANIX and
ARBLUS, walk down a corridor, carrying a tray of chemicals to a
scientist.  The table shakes; the tray crashes off.  They look out a
       KRANIX:  Arblus, look!  It's Unicron!
(Unicron activates his tractor beam and starts tearing up the planet.
Rock, people, whole buildings are torn up.  A pair of huge pincers
tear into the surface.)
       KRANIX:  The ships, get to the ships!  It's our only chance--
(One ship escapes; another is caught and sucked in.  We tour Unicron's
digestive tract.  His ring lights up with energy.  He sails off.)
[The Transformers theme] 
{Opening credits}
-----{Scene 2} 
(Cybertron and its moons)
     NARRATOR:  It is the year 2005.  The treacherous Decepticons have
               conquered the Autobots' home planet of Cybertron.
(LASERBEAK flies past)
     NARRATOR:  But from secret staging grounds on two of Cybertron's moons,
               the valiant Autobots prepare to retake their homeland.
(Laserbeak finds command station on Moon 1.  Both OPTIMUS PRIME and 
IRONHIDE are in the same huge monitor-filled room)
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Ironhide, report to me at once!
     IRONHIDE:  (Looking into a screen which shows images of Decepticons
               on Cybertron) Every time I look into a monitor, Prime, 
               my circuits sizzle. When are we gonna start bustin' 
OPTIMUS PRIME:  I want you to make a special run to Autobot City on Earth-- 
     IRONHIDE:  But Prime-- 
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Listen, Ironhide, we don't have enough energon cubes to power
               a full-scale assault.  Ready the shuttle for launch.
     IRONHIDE:  Your days are numbered now, Decepticreeps!
               (Runs out of room, transforms, drives down ramp)  
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Jazz, report security status.  
         JAZZ:  (Onscreen, elsewhere in base)
               No sign of Decepticons here, Prime.  
OPTIMUS PRIME:  What about Moonbase 2?  
         JAZZ:  Jazz to Moonbase 2.  Jazz to Moonbase 2.  
    BUMBLEBEE:  (Onscreen) Bumblebee and Spike here.  
         JAZZ:  We're about to send up a shuttle.  Any Decepticon shenanigans
               in your area? 
    BUMBLEBEE:  All clear, Jazz.  
        SPIKE:  (Wearing an EXOSUIT)
               Hey, Ironhide, tell my son Daniel that I miss him, and tell
               him not to worry: I'll be coming home just as soon as we kick
               Megatron's tail across the galaxy!  
     IRONHIDE:  Will do, Spike.  
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Cliffjumper, commence countdown.
  CLIFFJUMPER:  Five-four-three-two-one-BLASTOFF!
(Shuttle engines ignite, and it roars off the surface)  
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Now all we need is a little energon, and a lot of luck.
(Laserbeak flies back to Cybertron)
-----{Scene 3} 
(Decepticon command post)
    SOUNDWAVE:  Laserbeak returns, Megatron.
     MEGATRON: Welcome, Laserbeak!  Unlike some of my *other* warriors 
               (glances pointedly at STARSCREAM), *you* never fail me.  
               Soundwave:  play back Laserbeak's findings.
    SOUNDWAVE:  As you command, Megatron.
(Transforms, links to a monitor.)
OPTIMUS PRIME:  I want you to make a special run to Autobot City on Earth-- 
     IRONHIDE:  But Prime-- 
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Listen, Ironhide, we don't have enough energon cubes to power
               a full-scale assault.  Ready the shuttle for launch.
               (cut in the record) Now all we need is a little energon, 
               and a lot of luck.
     MEGATRON:  More than you imagine, Optimus Prime.
-----{Scene 4}
(Ironhide's shuttle is passing Earth's moon.  It shakes, and the 'Cons
blast a hole in the port side.)
        BRAWN:  Megatron!  Decepticons!
     MEGATRON:  Die, Autobots!
["Instruments of Destruction"]
(Ironhide, Ratchet, Prowl, and Brawn are blown away by gun-mode Megatron.)
     MEGATRON:  This was almost too easy, Starscream.
   STARSCREAM:  Much easier, almighty Megatron, than attacking the real 
               threat: the Autobots' moonbase!
     MEGATRON:  You're an iditot, Starscream.  When we slip by their early 
               warning systems in their own shuttle and destroy Autobot City, 
               the Autobots will be vanquished forever!
     IRONHIDE:  (From the floor, grabbing at Megatron) NOOOO!
     MEGATRON:  Such heroic nonsense.  (Blasts him.)
(External shot, looking at aft of shuttle as it heads towards Earth)
-----{Scene 5}
(Idyllic mountain lake.  HOT ROD is fishing.  DANIEL WITWICKY sits
morosely beside him.)
      HOT ROD:  Fish are jumping today, eh, Daniel?
       DANIEL:  (sigh) I guess so.
      HOT ROD:  Hey, what's the matter?
       DANIEL:  I don't know, Hot Rod.
      HOT ROD:  Com'on, you can tell me.
       DANIEL:  Guess I just miss my dad.
      HOT ROD:  Don't worry, Spike'll be back soon--oh, hey--I got something!
       DANIEL:  (Excited now) Look at the size of it!
      HOT ROD:  (holding fish, tiny to him) It's a whopper, alright.
(Beeping in Daniel's pocket.  Pulls out a scope.)
       DANIEL:  Hot Rod, the shuttle's coming!  Let's watch it land!
      HOT ROD:  Talk about *dull*, Daniel.  (Tosses fish back)
       DANIEL:  Hurry, or we'll miss it!
(Hops onto hoverboard, flies off, crashes, Hot Rod catches him)
      HOT ROD:  If you're gonna ride, Daniel, ride in style!
(Transforms and tosses Daniel into himself)
       DANIEL:  Hey, let's stop here!
      HOT ROD:  Why settle for a peek, Daniel, when you can see 
               everything from *Lookout Mountain*.
(Ahead on the road, Kup, Huffer and Blurr are erecting a roadblock)
          KUP:  A little to the left--a little bit more.
(Hot Rod crashes right through)
          KUP:  Turbo-roddin' young punk!  I'll straighten you out yet!
(They get to the peak.  Daniel hops out and runs to a telescope.
       DANIEL:  Hot Rod, look--there's a hole in the shuttle!
      HOT ROD:  What?  (Activates a scanner and zooms in)  DECEPTICONS! 
(he opens fire with his forearm "tailpipe" guns)
          KUP:  What's that darn fool doing?
(The shuttle erupts in flame, and the 'Cons jump out)
(He blasts the platform: it starts to collapse)
      HOT ROD:  Daniel!
(They land safely on a lower cliff.)
    BLITZWING:  Come on down, Autobrat!
(Transforms to tank, Shrapnel flies past.  Kup shows up, wrestles barrel 
aside, Shrapnel is hit and crashes into Blitzwing.  Hot Rod and Dan slide down
the hill)
      HOT ROD:  Huh, not bad for an old-timer.
          KUP:  Old timer?  That's something *you'll* never be if you don't 
               get back to the city.
(Starscream strafes them)
      HOT ROD:  Save it, Kup!
          KUP:  Let's *burn* rubber!
-----{Scene 6} 
(Inside Autobot City)
    PERCEPTOR:  Ultra Magnus, a cursory evaluation of Decepticon capability 
               indicates a distinct tactical deficiency.
 ULTRA MAGNUS: In other words, Perceptor--
     SPRINGER:  We're outnumbered!
(A panel pops open in Springer's arm, and he fires at the airborne Deceps.
They get strafed and dive to the sides)
       MAGNUS:  Springer, you and Arcee transform Autobot City.  Perceptor,
               tell Blaster to radio Prime for reinforcements.
        BLURR:  What about me Magnus, what about me, uh wah uh wah, I can
               help I want to help, what about me?
       MAGNUS:  Blurr, you can help me alert the others.
        BLURR:  Absolutely, positively, definitely, no one can get the job
               done faster than me, nobody!  Nobody nobody!
     SPRINGER:  Com'on, Arcee, let's go!
        ARCEE:  But Hot Rod and Kup are still outside the city--
     SPRINGER:  We can't wait.  They'll have to take care of themselves.
["Autobot-Decepticon Battle"]
(Arcee and Springer activate the transformation)
   STARSCREAM:  Pathetic fools!  There's no escape!  
               (Gets foot stuck in transforming walls.  Blasts it)  My foot!
     MEGATRON:  Breach their defenses!
(Insecticons start eating the door)
     KICKBACK:  Delicious, eh Shrapnel?
     SHRAPNEL:  A little heavy on the electrons, electrons.
(Kup and Hot Rod speed along the approach road)
          KUP:  The Insecticons are in our way!
      HOT ROD:  Wrong!  They're *our* way *in*!
(Jump over the ramp and past the Insecticons, knocking them aside)
(Elsewhere, in a glass gun turret, Blaster is happily firing at 'Cons. 
Perceptor climbs up through a hatch)
      BLASTER:  Look out and *shout!*  OW!  Hey, Perceptor, what's shakin'--
               other than this fortress?
    PERCEPTOR:  Blaster, Ultra Magnus sends orders to contact Optimus Prime 
               on Moonbase One.
      BLASTER:  *Alright!*  Cover your receptors, Perceptor!  
               (transforms, links to turret antenna)  Optimus Prime, do you 
               read me?  The Decepticons are blitzing Autobot City.  We're 
               really takin' a pounding.  Don't know how much longer we can 
               hold out.
     MEGATRON:  Soundwave, jam that transmission!
    SOUNDWAVE:  Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat, eject!  
               Operation:  Interference!
      BLASTER:  Optimus Prime, do you read me?  The Decepticons are blitzing 
               Autobot City.  We're really takin' a pounding.  Don't know 
               how much longer we can hold out--
(The cassettes land on the transparent turret roof)
       RUMBLE:  First we crack the shell; then we crack the nuts inside!
(They drop through and attack Perceptor)
    PERCEPTOR:  Run, Blaster!  Save yourself!
      BLASTER:  No way, two can play!  (Ejects his cassettes:  REWIND, EJECT,
               STEELJAW, RAMHORN)  Sic 'em!
(The cassettes battle each other)
    PERCEPTOR:  Do you think you got through to Prime?
      BLASTER:  I hope so, 'cause if I didn't we're all gonna look like 
               burnt-out toaster ovens.
-----{Scene 7}
        BLURR:  (Moving from window to window in a wall)
               We've got Decepticons at the gate, Decepticons in the air, 
               Decepticons at the walls.  Decepticons, Decepticons, 
               Decepticons!  If we shoot them off the gates they're still 
               in the air; if we shoot them out of the air they're still 
               at the walls; and where does that leave *us*?  Nowhere, 
               that's where!
     SPRINGER:  Com'on, Arcee, we've gotta get this laucher into place.  
               Megatron's making his big push and we've gotta *push back*!
(Arcee drags the bodies of Wheeljack and Windcharger on the floor.  
Kup, Hot Rod, and Daniel arrive)
          KUP:  Keep at it, Springer my boy--help's at hand!
        ARCEE:  I was afraid you'd be trapped outside the city.
      HOT ROD: Aw, I wasn't worried for a microsecond.
        ARCEE:  Then--you probably didn't understand the situation.
          KUP:  That did it!
(Daniel looks out a gun slit to the courtyard)
     MEGATRON:  Constructicons, merge for the kill!
       DANIEL:  Kup, Hot Rod--look!
          KUP:  Devastator...
     SPRINGER:  I've got better things to do tonight than *die*!
(Loads a shell, fires it.  Devastator isn't scratched.  He tears through the 
wall, destroying the launcher.  They all run)
(Far view of the city:  Tracers fly back and forth)
-----{Scene 8}
(Next morning, smoke drifting from the city)