THE MOVIE
Transcribed by Phillip Thorne,
Version 1.3, 16 April 1995
Copyright Hasbro, Marvel, Sunbow Productions, etc.
All the standard disclaimers that apply, apply.
Other miscellaneous apologies to avoid copyright suits.
        Starring the voice talents of:
        Orson Welles   as      Unicron
        Judd Nelson    as      Hot Rod
        Lionel Stander  as      Kup
        Robert Stack   as      Ultra Magnus
        John Moschita  as      Blurr
        Leonard Nimoy  as      Galvatron
        Eric Idle      as      Wreck-gar
Running Time: 86 minutes.
MPAA Rating: PG
-----{Scene x}
[musical arrangement]
(Stage comments.  I'm keeping them relatively minimal in this version)
And now...             
                THE TRANSFORMERS:
                  THE MOVIE
-----{Scene 1} 
[Unicron's theme] 
(A binary red/blue giant system.
Something sails past--something huge, and spherical, with a spindly
ring around it.  UNICRON.  Flies past.  We see, through his mouth, a
small planet which he is approaching.)
(On the planet: the robotic inhabitants go about their daily business,
unaware of the fate about to befall them...two of them, KRANIX and
ARBLUS, walk down a corridor, carrying a tray of chemicals to a
scientist.  The table shakes; the tray crashes off.  They look out a
       KRANIX:  Arblus, look!  It's Unicron!
(Unicron activates his tractor beam and starts tearing up the planet.
Rock, people, whole buildings are torn up.  A pair of huge pincers
tear into the surface.)
       KRANIX:  The ships, get to the ships!  It's our only chance--
(One ship escapes; another is caught and sucked in.  We tour Unicron's
digestive tract.  His ring lights up with energy.  He sails off.)
[The Transformers theme] 
{Opening credits}
-----{Scene 2} 
(Cybertron and its moons)
     NARRATOR:  It is the year 2005.  The treacherous Decepticons have
               conquered the Autobots' home planet of Cybertron.
(LASERBEAK flies past)
     NARRATOR:  But from secret staging grounds on two of Cybertron's moons,
               the valiant Autobots prepare to retake their homeland.
(Laserbeak finds command station on Moon 1.  Both OPTIMUS PRIME and 
IRONHIDE are in the same huge monitor-filled room)
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Ironhide, report to me at once!
     IRONHIDE:  (Looking into a screen which shows images of Decepticons
               on Cybertron) Every time I look into a monitor, Prime, 
               my circuits sizzle. When are we gonna start bustin' 
OPTIMUS PRIME:  I want you to make a special run to Autobot City on Earth-- 
     IRONHIDE:  But Prime-- 
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Listen, Ironhide, we don't have enough energon cubes to power
               a full-scale assault.  Ready the shuttle for launch.
     IRONHIDE:  Your days are numbered now, Decepticreeps!
               (Runs out of room, transforms, drives down ramp)  
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Jazz, report security status.  
         JAZZ:  (Onscreen, elsewhere in base)
               No sign of Decepticons here, Prime.  
OPTIMUS PRIME:  What about Moonbase 2?  
         JAZZ:  Jazz to Moonbase 2.  Jazz to Moonbase 2.  
    BUMBLEBEE:  (Onscreen) Bumblebee and Spike here.  
         JAZZ:  We're about to send up a shuttle.  Any Decepticon shenanigans
               in your area? 
    BUMBLEBEE:  All clear, Jazz.  
        SPIKE:  (Wearing an EXOSUIT)
               Hey, Ironhide, tell my son Daniel that I miss him, and tell
               him not to worry: I'll be coming home just as soon as we kick
               Megatron's tail across the galaxy!  
     IRONHIDE:  Will do, Spike.  
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Cliffjumper, commence countdown.
  CLIFFJUMPER:  Five-four-three-two-one-BLASTOFF!
(Shuttle engines ignite, and it roars off the surface)  
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Now all we need is a little energon, and a lot of luck.
(Laserbeak flies back to Cybertron)
-----{Scene 3} 
(Decepticon command post)
    SOUNDWAVE:  Laserbeak returns, Megatron.
     MEGATRON: Welcome, Laserbeak!  Unlike some of my *other* warriors 
               (glances pointedly at STARSCREAM), *you* never fail me.  
               Soundwave:  play back Laserbeak's findings.
    SOUNDWAVE:  As you command, Megatron.
(Transforms, links to a monitor.)
OPTIMUS PRIME:  I want you to make a special run to Autobot City on Earth-- 
     IRONHIDE:  But Prime-- 
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Listen, Ironhide, we don't have enough energon cubes to power
               a full-scale assault.  Ready the shuttle for launch.
               (cut in the record) Now all we need is a little energon, 
               and a lot of luck.
     MEGATRON:  More than you imagine, Optimus Prime.
-----{Scene 4}
(Ironhide's shuttle is passing Earth's moon.  It shakes, and the 'Cons
blast a hole in the port side.)
        BRAWN:  Megatron!  Decepticons!
     MEGATRON:  Die, Autobots!
["Instruments of Destruction"]
(Ironhide, Ratchet, Prowl, and Brawn are blown away by gun-mode Megatron.)
     MEGATRON:  This was almost too easy, Starscream.
   STARSCREAM:  Much easier, almighty Megatron, than attacking the real 
               threat: the Autobots' moonbase!
     MEGATRON:  You're an iditot, Starscream.  When we slip by their early 
               warning systems in their own shuttle and destroy Autobot City, 
               the Autobots will be vanquished forever!
     IRONHIDE:  (From the floor, grabbing at Megatron) NOOOO!
     MEGATRON:  Such heroic nonsense.  (Blasts him.)
(External shot, looking at aft of shuttle as it heads towards Earth)
-----{Scene 5}
(Idyllic mountain lake.  HOT ROD is fishing.  DANIEL WITWICKY sits
morosely beside him.)
      HOT ROD:  Fish are jumping today, eh, Daniel?
       DANIEL:  (sigh) I guess so.
      HOT ROD:  Hey, what's the matter?
       DANIEL:  I don't know, Hot Rod.
      HOT ROD:  Com'on, you can tell me.
       DANIEL:  Guess I just miss my dad.
      HOT ROD:  Don't worry, Spike'll be back soon--oh, hey--I got something!
       DANIEL:  (Excited now) Look at the size of it!
      HOT ROD:  (holding fish, tiny to him) It's a whopper, alright.
(Beeping in Daniel's pocket.  Pulls out a scope.)
       DANIEL:  Hot Rod, the shuttle's coming!  Let's watch it land!
      HOT ROD:  Talk about *dull*, Daniel.  (Tosses fish back)
       DANIEL:  Hurry, or we'll miss it!
(Hops onto hoverboard, flies off, crashes, Hot Rod catches him)
      HOT ROD:  If you're gonna ride, Daniel, ride in style!
(Transforms and tosses Daniel into himself)
       DANIEL:  Hey, let's stop here!
      HOT ROD:  Why settle for a peek, Daniel, when you can see 
               everything from *Lookout Mountain*.
(Ahead on the road, Kup, Huffer and Blurr are erecting a roadblock)
          KUP:  A little to the left--a little bit more.
(Hot Rod crashes right through)
          KUP:  Turbo-roddin' young punk!  I'll straighten you out yet!
(They get to the peak.  Daniel hops out and runs to a telescope.
       DANIEL:  Hot Rod, look--there's a hole in the shuttle!
      HOT ROD:  What?  (Activates a scanner and zooms in)  DECEPTICONS! 
(he opens fire with his forearm "tailpipe" guns)
          KUP:  What's that darn fool doing?
(The shuttle erupts in flame, and the 'Cons jump out)
(He blasts the platform: it starts to collapse)
      HOT ROD:  Daniel!
(They land safely on a lower cliff.)
    BLITZWING:  Come on down, Autobrat!
(Transforms to tank, Shrapnel flies past.  Kup shows up, wrestles barrel 
aside, Shrapnel is hit and crashes into Blitzwing.  Hot Rod and Dan slide down
the hill)
      HOT ROD:  Huh, not bad for an old-timer.
          KUP:  Old timer?  That's something *you'll* never be if you don't 
               get back to the city.
(Starscream strafes them)
      HOT ROD:  Save it, Kup!
          KUP:  Let's *burn* rubber!
-----{Scene 6} 
(Inside Autobot City)
    PERCEPTOR:  Ultra Magnus, a cursory evaluation of Decepticon capability 
               indicates a distinct tactical deficiency.
 ULTRA MAGNUS: In other words, Perceptor--
     SPRINGER:  We're outnumbered!
(A panel pops open in Springer's arm, and he fires at the airborne Deceps.
They get strafed and dive to the sides)
       MAGNUS:  Springer, you and Arcee transform Autobot City.  Perceptor,
               tell Blaster to radio Prime for reinforcements.
        BLURR:  What about me Magnus, what about me, uh wah uh wah, I can
               help I want to help, what about me?
       MAGNUS:  Blurr, you can help me alert the others.
        BLURR:  Absolutely, positively, definitely, no one can get the job
               done faster than me, nobody!  Nobody nobody!
     SPRINGER:  Com'on, Arcee, let's go!
        ARCEE:  But Hot Rod and Kup are still outside the city--
     SPRINGER:  We can't wait.  They'll have to take care of themselves.
["Autobot-Decepticon Battle"]
(Arcee and Springer activate the transformation)
   STARSCREAM:  Pathetic fools!  There's no escape!  
               (Gets foot stuck in transforming walls.  Blasts it)  My foot!
     MEGATRON:  Breach their defenses!
(Insecticons start eating the door)
     KICKBACK:  Delicious, eh Shrapnel?
     SHRAPNEL:  A little heavy on the electrons, electrons.
(Kup and Hot Rod speed along the approach road)
          KUP:  The Insecticons are in our way!
      HOT ROD:  Wrong!  They're *our* way *in*!
(Jump over the ramp and past the Insecticons, knocking them aside)
(Elsewhere, in a glass gun turret, Blaster is happily firing at 'Cons. 
Perceptor climbs up through a hatch)
      BLASTER:  Look out and *shout!*  OW!  Hey, Perceptor, what's shakin'--
               other than this fortress?
    PERCEPTOR:  Blaster, Ultra Magnus sends orders to contact Optimus Prime 
               on Moonbase One.
      BLASTER:  *Alright!*  Cover your receptors, Perceptor!  
               (transforms, links to turret antenna)  Optimus Prime, do you 
               read me?  The Decepticons are blitzing Autobot City.  We're 
               really takin' a pounding.  Don't know how much longer we can 
               hold out.
     MEGATRON:  Soundwave, jam that transmission!
    SOUNDWAVE:  Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat, eject!  
               Operation:  Interference!
      BLASTER:  Optimus Prime, do you read me?  The Decepticons are blitzing 
               Autobot City.  We're really takin' a pounding.  Don't know 
               how much longer we can hold out--
(The cassettes land on the transparent turret roof)
       RUMBLE:  First we crack the shell; then we crack the nuts inside!
(They drop through and attack Perceptor)
    PERCEPTOR:  Run, Blaster!  Save yourself!
      BLASTER:  No way, two can play!  (Ejects his cassettes:  REWIND, EJECT,
               STEELJAW, RAMHORN)  Sic 'em!
(The cassettes battle each other)
    PERCEPTOR:  Do you think you got through to Prime?
      BLASTER:  I hope so, 'cause if I didn't we're all gonna look like 
               burnt-out toaster ovens.
-----{Scene 7}
        BLURR:  (Moving from window to window in a wall)
               We've got Decepticons at the gate, Decepticons in the air, 
               Decepticons at the walls.  Decepticons, Decepticons, 
               Decepticons!  If we shoot them off the gates they're still 
               in the air; if we shoot them out of the air they're still 
               at the walls; and where does that leave *us*?  Nowhere, 
               that's where!
     SPRINGER:  Com'on, Arcee, we've gotta get this laucher into place.  
               Megatron's making his big push and we've gotta *push back*!
(Arcee drags the bodies of Wheeljack and Windcharger on the floor.  
Kup, Hot Rod, and Daniel arrive)
          KUP:  Keep at it, Springer my boy--help's at hand!
        ARCEE:  I was afraid you'd be trapped outside the city.
      HOT ROD: Aw, I wasn't worried for a microsecond.
        ARCEE:  Then--you probably didn't understand the situation.
          KUP:  That did it!
(Daniel looks out a gun slit to the courtyard)
     MEGATRON:  Constructicons, merge for the kill!
       DANIEL:  Kup, Hot Rod--look!
          KUP:  Devastator...
     SPRINGER:  I've got better things to do tonight than *die*!
(Loads a shell, fires it.  Devastator isn't scratched.  He tears through the 
wall, destroying the launcher.  They all run)
(Far view of the city:  Tracers fly back and forth)
-----{Scene 8}
(Next morning, smoke drifting from the city)
     MEGATRON:  Their defenses are broken!  Let the slaughter begin!
(Suddenly, Prime's shuttle flies in, piloted by Prime and SUNSTREAKER)
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Dinobots!  Destroy Devastator!
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock love challenge!  Dinobots, transform!
(GRIMLOCK, SLAG, SLUDGE, and SWOOP (no Snarl) drop out of the shuttle)
(Shuttle lands.  Prime, Sunstreaker, HOUND step out)
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Megatron *must* be stopped--no matter the cost.
["The Touch"]
(Prime transforms, rolls into city, blasts 'Cons, transforms again)
     MEGATRON:  Prime!
OPTIMUS PRIME:  One shall stand; one shall fall.
     MEGATRON:  Why throw away your life so recklessly?
OPTIMUS PRIME:  That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron.
     MEGATRON:  I'll crush you with my bare hands!
      HOT ROD:  I've got to help Prime!
          KUP:  Stay away, lad; that's Prime's fight.
     MEGATRON:  I'll rip out your optics!
(Prime knocks Megatron down.  Kup runs up.)
          KUP:  Finish him off, Prime!  Do it now!
(Megatron sees a discarded gun, hidden from Prime behind some rubble)
     MEGATRON:  No more, Optimus Prime.  Grant me mercy, I beg of you!
OPTIMUS PRIME:  You, who are without mercy, now plead for it?  I thought you 
               were made of sterner stuff.
      HOT ROD:  No you don't, Megatron!
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Out of the way, Hot Rod!
(Megatron grabs Hot Rod as a shield and blasts Prime in a wound he'd 
inflicted earlier.  Prime falls.  Tosses Hot Rod away.)
     MEGATRON:  Fall, fall!  I would have waited an eternity for this.  
               It's *over*, Prime.
(Knocks Megatron over the wall, then collapses)
      HOT ROD:  Optimus, forgive me.
(In the courtyard below, Starscream struts up to Megatron's body)
   STARSCREAM:  How do you feel, *mighty Megatron*?  (Kicks him, turns away)  
               Astrotrain, transform and get us out of here!
     MEGATRON:  (Lifts head weakly)
               Don't leave me, Soundwave.
    SOUNDWAVE:  As you command, Megatron.
(Autobots firing after the retreating 'Cons.  Soundwave carries Megatron,
Rumble his fusion cannon)
        ARCEE:  The Decepticons are retreating!
          KUP:  Prime did it.  He turned the tide.
   STARSCREAM:  Astrotrain, take off!
(Astrotrain rolls across city as train, then transforms into shuttle as
he goes off the edge over the river, flies off)
-----{Scene 9} 
["Death of Optimus Prime"]
(Inside Autobot City repair bay)
(Perceptor, in microscope mode, is scanning Optimus)
    PERCEPTOR:  I fear the wounds are--fatal.
       DANIEL: Prime, you can't die.
        PRIME:  Do not grieve.  Soon, I shall be one, with the Matrix.
      HOT ROD:  Prime--
        PRIME: Ultra Magnus, it is to you, old friend, I shall pass the 
               Matrix of Leadership, as it was passed to me.
       MAGNUS: But Prime, I'm--I'm just a soldier.  I'm not worthy.
        PRIME:  Nor was I, but one day an Autobot shall rise from our ranks
               and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour. 
               Until that day, till all are one.
(Chest opens, Prime pulls out the MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP.  Boue light flares all
over, illuminating them all.  He falters, drops it. Hot Rod catches it, feels 
the power, then hands it to Magnus, who places it (after a false try)
in his own chest cavity.  Prime turns grey and dies)
-----{Scene 10}
(Elsewhere, Unicron's internal sensing monitors display the transfer of power)
-----{Scene 11}
(Astrotrain, reeling through space)
   ASTROTRAIN:  Jettison some weight or I'll never make it to Cybertron!
   STARSCREAM:  Fellow Decepticons, Astrotrain has requested that we lighten
               our burden.
  BONECRUSHER:  In that case I say it is survival of the fittest!
   STARSCREAM:  Do I hear a second on that?
  (Uninjured):  AYE!
   STARSCREAM:  And against?
    (Injured):  (weakly) Nayyy...
   STARSCREAM:  The ayes have it!
  (Uninjured):  Get!  Make room for us!
    (Injured):  Please don't!  No...!
(They all get thrown out the hatch)
(Starscream carries Megatron to the hatch)
   STARSCREAM:  Oh, how it *pains* me to do this!
     MEGATRON:  (weakly) Wait, I still function--
   STARSCREAM:  Wanna bet?  (Tosses him out)
(Shot from Megatron's POV as he falls out of hatch, Astrotrain coasts away,
hatch slams shut over Starscream)
   STARSCREAM:  Well, as Megatron has, how shall we say, *departed*, I
               nominate *myself* as the new leader!
     SCRAPPER:  Wait!  The Constructicons from Devastator, the most powerful
               robot.  *We* should rule.
    SOUNDWAVE:  Soundwave superior.  Constructicons inferior.
  BONECRUSHER:  Who are you calling inferior?
         HOOK:  No one would follow an uncharismatic boor like you!
(Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage (Laserbeak, too?) eject unbidden)
       RUMBLE:  Hey, nobody calls Soundwave un-krossa-matic!
       FRENZY:  Yeah, let's kick tailgate!
     SCRAPPER:  Constructicons unite!
       RUMBLE:  No way!
(Constructicons unite to Devastator; Rumble's piledrivers knock him down.  
 Civil war ensues within Astrotrain's cargo bay)
-----{Scene 12}
(Space near Unicron.  Megatron and the other discarded 'Cons float in)
      UNICRON:  Welcome, Megatron.
(The white light pouring from Unicron's maw pushes Megatron away, like 
tumbleweed.   He drags himself to a stop on a mandible, scoring sparking 
grooves in it with his fingertips.  He floats back towards the mouth)
     MEGATRON:  Who--who said that?
      UNICRON:  I am Unicron.
     MEGATRON:  Show yourself!
      UNICRON:  I have summoned you here for a purpose--
     MEGATRON:  Nobody summons *Megatron*!
      UNICRON:  Then it pleases me to be the first.
     MEGATRON:  State your business!
      UNICRON:  This is my command:  you are to destroy the Autobot Matrix of
               Leadership.  It is the one thing, the *only* thing, that can
               stand in my way.
(Megatron is being buffeted by the pulsing waves of light)
     MEGATRON:  You have nothing to fear.  I have already crushed Optimus
               Prime with my bare hands!
      UNICRON:  You exaggerrate.
     MEGATRON:  The point is he's dead--and the Matrix died with him!
      UNICRON:  No, the point is--you are a fool.  The Matrix has been passed
               to their new leader, Ultra Magnus.  Destroy it for me.
     MEGATRON:  Why should I?  What's in it for me?
      UNICRON:  Your bargaining posture is highly dubious!--but very well.
               I will provide you with a new body, and new troops to command.
     MEGATRON:  And...?
      UNICRON:  AND NOTHING!  You belong to *me*, now.
     MEGATRON:  I belong to NOBODY!
      UNICRON:  Perhaps I misjudged you.  Proceed on your way to oblivion.
(The white light pouring from his maw turns red.  Megatron twists in agony)
     MEGATRON:  No!  No, NO!  I accept your terms!  I ACCEPT!
(The light turns blue)
      UNICRON:  Excellent.
(Megatron-Galvatron metamorphosis sequence)
      UNICRON:  Behold--Galvatron.
(Metamorphosis of ... I count 1 Scourge and 2 Sweeps)
      UNICRON:  And these shall be your minions:  Scourge, the tracker, and 
               his huntsmen, the Sweeps. 
(Metamorphosis of .... I count 1 Cyclonus in anthropoid mode, and one 
 who transforms to jet mode)  
      UNICRON:  Cyclonus, the warrior, and his armada.
(A panel opens in Unicron and a big purple ship slides out)
      UNICRON:  And *this* shall be your ship.  Now go, and destroy the 
               Autobot Matrix.
    GALVATRON:  (In his new voice)
               I will rip open Ultra Magnus and every other Autobot until
               the Matrix has been destroyed!  To Cybertron!
               (Uses his gun to boost himself onto the ship)
(*Now*, I see *4* Sweeps and *1* Cyclonus, who enter the docking bay)
(They fly off in their new ship)
      UNICRON:  Destroy the Matrix.
-----{Scene 13} 
(On Cybertron, Decepticon coronation courtyard)
(Constructicons are blowing trumpets (neat trick, considering some of them
 don't have mouths) at Starscream's coronation)
   STARSCREAM:  Get on with the ceremony!
(Constructicons look at each other, then trumpet again.  Starscream
 blasts the trumpets.  Astrotrain crowns him; Dirge and Ramjet stand to the
   STARSCREAM:  My fellow Decepticons, as your new leader, I--
(Galvatron flies in, inside Cyclonus, scattering them.  He hops out, Cyclonus 
   STARSCREAM:  Who disrupts my coronation?
    GALVATRON:  Coronation, Starscream?  This is bad comedy!
    STARSCREM:  Megatron...!?  Is that you?
    GALVATRON:  Here's a hint!
(He transforms to an artillery piece and blasts Starscream, whose circuits
 sizzle, then burn out.  His body crumbles.  The crown rolls down the stairs;
 Galvatron transforms and steps on it)
    GALVATRON: Will anyone *else* attempt to fill his shoes?
       RUMBLE:  What'd he say his name was?
        (all):  Hail Galvatron!  Galvatron!
-----{Scene 14}
(Unicron shows up and bears down on Moonbase One)
         JAZZ:  Where'd *that* come from?!
  CLIFFJUMPER:  Who cares?  I'm more worried about where it's *going*!
(Mandibles tear into the moon, debris flies)
         JAZZ:  Talk to me, Earth!  We got a situation out here!  Roger me, 
               wilco me, anything!  Hello, hello Earth!
(in Autobot City, the survivors are patching the damage)
      BLASTER:  (Carrying a huge cylindrical component)
               I'm picking up a faint signal.  (Transforms)
         JAZZ:  This is Jazz.  There's this enormous, weird-looking planet 
               that's shovin' up in the suburbs of Cybertron--
  CLIFFJUMPER:  And it's attacking Moonbase One--
               (signal breaks up) krzzt zzzkt tkkkzztzz...
       MAGNUS:  Jazz, Cliffjumper!
(On Moon One, the two have climbed into a small crescent shuttle)
         JAZZ:  Got to blast free, if we can!
  CLIFFJUMPER:  Ignition and--
         JAZZ:  HIT IT!
  CLIFFJUMPER:  Jazz, we're not getting away!
(They're sucked in)
(Moonbase Two is now on a screen in Autobot City)
        SPIKE:  This is Spike and Bumblebee up here on Moonbase Two.
    BUMBLEBEE:  This *thing*, this monster planet, just ripped the first 
               moon to shreds!
        SPIKE:  And it's heading this way--
    BUMBLEBEE:  We'll try to slow it down--
        SPIKE:  But you'd better get here fast 'cause we're not gonna--
               (breaks up) krzzt zzkt...
       DANIEL:  DAD!
(On Moon Two, they're setting explosives)
        SPIKE:  Bumblebee, activate the explosives.
               (See Bumblebee setting them.  Spike presses a button;
               digital countdown from 20)
               If this doesn't stop it, nothing will!
    BUMBLEBEE:  The explosives are activated.  Let's get outta here!
               (They get into a crescent shuttle)
               Hurry, it's gonna blow!
(Gigantic explosion as Unicron's swallowing the moon)
       (both):  Alright we did it!  Hooray!  Way to go!
        SPIKE:  It isn't even *dented!*  What are we gonna do now?
    BUMBLEBEE:  We're being sucked into it!
(On Cybertron)
    GALVATRON:  How dare Unicron!  Cybertron and all its moons belong to me--
               (Red light flares from nowhere, he writhes in pain)
      SCOURGE:  Remember--*we* belong to *him*.
    GALVATRON:  I belong to NOBODY!  (more pain)  I will obey, Unicron.  
               (recovers, breathing hard)  Decepticons, to Earth!
(Their ship flying through space)
-----{Scene 15}
(Back in Autobot City, in front of the comm terminal)
       MAGNUS:  Autobots, prepare to to board the shuttles.  This new menace
               is more dangerous than all the Decepticons put together. 
               Somehow, we must destroy it before it devours Cybertron.
       DANIEL:  But what about my dad?  He--he's on the moon between that
               monster planet and Cybertron.
       MAGNUS:  (crosses arms)
               Daniel, we'll do everything we can for Spike.
     SPRINGER:  And what are we gonna do when we get there?  If that thing
               crunches moons it'll make short work of us.
       MAGNUS:  Maybe the Matrix can stop it.
      HOT ROD:  You're right, it can!
          KUP:  What do you know about it, lad?
      HOT ROD:  I just got this feeling--
(Galvatron and company attack.  (Nifty.  They arrive very shortly after the
 message does, even accounting for loading into their ship.  Or have the 
 Autobots been standing in shock for several hours?)  Galvatron is flying 
 Cyclonus (or his clone))
       MAGNUS:  To the shuttles!
    GALVATRON:  (From inside Cyclonus: Loudspeaker? Radio?)
               I, Galvatron, will crush you just as Megatron *crushed* Prime.
       MAGNUS:  And you'll die trying, just like Megatron!
    GALVATRON:  Autobot scrap!
      SCOURGE:  You want me to gut Ultra Magnus?
    GALVATRON:  There are plenty of Autobots for you.  Ultra Magnus is *mine*!
(Somewhere in the city...)
        ARCEE:  Stay close to me, Daniel!
      HOT ROD:  And you'd better stay close to me!
(Explosion opens a hole in front of the three.  
 Arcee catches the dazed Hot Rod)
        ARCEE:  No, *you'd* better stay close to *me*.
(By the shuttles.  Grimlock in dino mode)
        BLURR:  Nice dino good dino sweet dino just get into the nice 
               spaceship before we blow up pretty pretty please with a 
               cherry and some whipped cream nice dino sweet dino!
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock not *nice dino*.  Me dice brains! 
               (spits flame at a Sweep, who crashes and burns)
       MAGNUS:  Blurr, get the Dinobots into the shuttle!
        BLURR:  I'm trying to get them into the shuttle Ultra Magnus because
               I know we can't launch the shuttle until I get them into the
               shuttle but I can't seem to get them into the shuttle because
               they're impossible impossible impossible!
       MAGNUS:  Okay, forget it.  Kup, Hot Rod, you guys get the Dinobots
               aboard and get *outa* here!
      HOT ROD:  (lassoes Grimlock)  Com'on, you big bozo, get in the shuttle!
(onboard shuttle)
          KUP:  This reminds me of the battle on Alpha Nine.
               The petrorabbits--Grimlock, get your noodle out of my face!
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock *love* Kup's war stories.
          KUP:  You're living one now.  (To Hot Rod:)  Engage the boosters,
               for Cybertron's sake!
     GRIMLOCK:  Tell Grimlock about petrorabbits again.
          KUP:  I'll give you petrorabbits.  Contact!
(Near other shuttle...)
     SPRINGER:  Looks like we're shipmates, squirt.
       DANIEL:  Alright!
     SPRINGER:  But if you get spacesick, you're gonna *walk* home!
       MAGNUS:  HURRY!
       DANIEL:  (next to open hatch)
               Wait, Ultra Magnus, Arcee's still out there!
(Arcee runs up alongside accelerating shuttle; Springer leans out hatch)
(She jumps, his hand engulfs her wrist, drags her in)
        ARCEE:  Thanks.
       DANIEL:  (Presses switch to close door.  Why wasn't he pulled out
               by the airflow?)
               That was close.
     SPRINGER:  Believe it or not, this is the fun part!
(The shuttles fly off)
-----{Scene 16}
(The two Autobot shuttles, in space somewhere)
       MAGNUS:  Congratulations, Autobots, we've lost them.
               So rest while you can.
(On one shuttle, Kup is telling stories while Hot Rod practices swordfighting
 with a drone)
          KUP:  Yup, I remember, the dust was so thick on Beta Four you had
               to use windshield wipers on your optic sensors--
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock know all about wipers want to hear good part of
               story!  (inadvertently knocks Swoop over)
        SWOOP:  (from floor)
               Good part, Kup!  Tell Swoop good part!
          KUP:  Okay, okay.  Well, the dust was really thick.  And then this
               giganitc Ikyak came tromping and stomping down the mountain,
               flame spewing out of its nostrils.  And I thought for sure--
      HOT ROD:  Hey, Kup, don't you think we have better things to do now
               than tell old war stories?
          KUP:  Like what?
      HOT ROD:  Like, maybe, figure out how we're gonna rescue our friends,
               and then save Cybertron.
   (Dinobots):  No!  Tell story!  Shh!  Quiet!  Tell story!
               We want to hear story!
(The drone hits Hot Rod.  He turns to strangle it.  The Decepticons attack,
 firing missiles)
        DRONE:  BUZZ!  Time out time out time out!
      HOT ROD:  They're closing on us!
          KUP:  Just like the shrie-bats of Dromadon.
      HOT ROD:  How'd you beat them?
          KUP:  I'm trying to remember.  There were an awful lot of casualties
               that day.  Oh yeah, we inverted polarities--
(Hot Rod inverts the shuttle's polarity)
      HOT ROD:  They're coming back!
(Missiles blow up, just off their bow)
      HOT ROD:  Alright, we survived that!
          KUP:  Yeah, but will we survive *this*?
    GALVATRON:  Cyclonus, transform and attack!
(Cyclonus launches from the 'Con ship and attacks, blasting lots of holes)
          KUP:  I can't control it!
      HOT ROD:  We're gonna crash!
(The ship's prow and flight deck crumple as it plows into a nearby metal 
 planet with a bizarrely twisted ring system -- QUINTESSA)
     SPRINGER:  Kup and Hot Rod just bought it!
       MAGNUS:  I can't deal with that now--
     SPRINGER:  Face it, Magnus, the Decepticons are gonna dog us unitl they 
               see us dead.
       MAGNUS:  Then that's exactly what they're gonna see!  Prepare for 
               emergency separation!
    PERCEPTOR:  That's too dangerous!
       MAGNUS:  What choice do we have?
(The 'Con ship fires a broadside of missiles as the forward section of the 
 shuttle detaches.  The rear section blows to bits in an utterly overdone
explosion reminiscent of "Starblazers," and the 'Cons fly through)
      SCOURGE:  The Autobots have been terminated.
    GALVATRON:  Excellent, and the Matrix with them!  (Is hit with red pain)
               No!  Unicron, why?  (Gasps)  Take me to Unicron.  Take me now!
               (Convulses on the deck)
-----{Scene 17}
(On Magnus' shuttle, they all have weird voice reverbs now)
        ARCEE:  Did we have to let them detonate three-quarters of the ship?
     SPRINGER:  Seein' as how they woulda detonated *four* quarters I think 
                it was a good choice.
        ARCEE:  But how are we gonna get there in *this* wreck?
       MAGNUS:  Perceptor, can you locate a place to set down for repairs?
    PERCEPTOR:  Gamma waves in this sector of space create marginal navigation
                probabilities--ahem, however--yes, I believe I can.  
               The Planet of Junk is in this vicinity.
       MAGNUS:  Then let's go for it.
-----{Scene 18}
(An ocean somewhere on that metal planet, full of robot fish, robot sea 
 anenomes that eat the fish, robot seaweed.  Hot Rod is ensnared in some weed, 
 and is being attacked by robot piranha)
      HOT ROD:  Kup!  Grimlock!  Slag!  ANYBODY!
          KUP:  Hot Rod!  Help me!
(He slices a few piranha with a rotary blade -- one of those handy
 Transformer wrist options)
      HOT ROD:  Kup!  Kup!
          KUP:  Help!
(Kup has been snared by a huge robot squid.  Hot Rod cuts off a few tentacles
 with a rotary blade, then blasts one optic.  The squid retreats, releasing a 
 cloud of ink.  Kup is face-down, one arm and leg torn off.  Bubbles are 
 leaking out from under his face (Why? I didn't think they respired))
      HOT ROD:  Kup, talk to me!
          KUP:  *Fix me*!
      HOT ROD:  Sure Kup, right away!
-----{Scene 19}
(Magnus' shuttle about to crash on Junkion)
       MAGNUS:  Brace for impact!
(They skid across the junky surface, comprised of a vast number of rusty bits
 and pieces.  Huge piles rear up into the sky.  They're all spilled from 
 seats.  Guess they follow the Star Trek school of bridge design :-)
       MAGNUS:  (Getting up from the deck)
               Say something, anybody!
     SPRINGER:  (A piece of stuff falls on him)
               Remind me to give the autopilot a *raise*.
        ARCEE:  Daniel?
       DANIEL:  (Gets up from under her body)
               I'm okay.
       MAGNUS:  Let's try to salvage this thing.
       DANIEL:  Can I help too?
     SPRINGER:  It's rough out there, kid.
        ARCEE:  I think Daniel can make himself useful with *this*.  
               It was Spike's exo-suit.
               (Where did she have it?  Subspace?)
       DANIEL:  Dad's exo-suit!  He told me all about it.
        ARCEE:  Here, try it on.
               (He gets into it; she snaps the ellipsoidal dome shut)
               Now try to walk; com'on, you can do it.
     SPRINGER:  Just think about what you want to do, before you do it.
       DANIEL:  It's kind of tricky-- 
               (he does a forward flip into the air, muffs the landing)
               --whoa, oh!
        ARCEE:  Keep on practicing.  You'll get the hang of it.
       MAGNUS:  Come on, showtime's over.  We've got work to do.
(They disembark onto the surface)
       DANIEL: (whistles) This must be the junk capital of the universe.
(Nearby, JUNKIONS rise from beneath the surface, blending in to the browns)
    WRECK-GAR:  (Who manages to talk without moving his mouth)
               Stop, thief!  No welcome-wagon "hello, stranger," with that
               good coffee flavor for you!  (Yeah, or your money back!)
                Offer expires while you wait.  Operators are standing by.
-----{Scene 20}
(On the shore of that ocean on what we will learn in "Five Faces of Darkness"
 is called Quintessa, Hot Rod is finishing repairs on Kup's leg)
      HOT ROD:  That does it.  Well, what do you think?
(Kup gets up, stretches his legs, stomps around)
          KUP:  Of all the circuit-glitched, diode-blowing dimwittery.
               You left a piece out!
      HOT ROD:  No way!  You're just a little stiff.
          KUP:  Anyway, all things considered, you did an amazing job, lad.
      HOT ROD:  Really?
          KUP:  Yeah.  you even got rid of a nasty burr in my rotator.
               Now let's find the Dinobots and get off this twisted planet.
(They transform and drive off.)
-----{Scene 21}
(Further on, a bunch of green-and-grey robots surface from a pool.  They have
 big spikes on their shoulders, and look very menacing.  Kup holds Hot Rod
          KUP:  Don't act hostile.  I'll use the Universal Greeting.
      HOT ROD:  *Universal Greeting*?
          KUP:  Watch, I'll have them eating out of my hand.
               (Spelled differently in the comic book adaptation)
                "Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong!"
      HOT ROD:  "*Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong*?"
(That's it, he's lost it, the warrantee's finally run out on his CPU...:-)
     (aliens):  Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong!
          KUP:  See!  The Universal Greeting works every time.  Now, without
               making any sudden moves, offer them an energon goody.
(They reach into storage compartments and pull out containers that dispense
 small glowing strips of energon.  The aliens crowd around them.)
      HOT ROD:  I *thought* they were supposed to reciprocate?  No more!
          KUP:  *EMPTY*!  (Tosses dispenser away)
(The aliens sit there for a moment.  Then they transform into alligator-like
 creatures and rush them.)
-----{Scene 22}
(Kup and Hot Rod, wearing energy-shackles, are being herded into a huge metal
 fortress.  They come out into a circular atrium, with a huge
 pit in the middle, filled with liquid.  An unfamiliar robot (ARBLUS), is
 standing on a plank suspended over it, his arms shackled.)
          KUP:  Reminds me of the Nyda Slave Mines on Golgonath Seven.
      HOT ROD:  *Everyplace* reminds you of someplace else.
          KUP:  Experience, lad.  You should learn to appreciate it.
      HOT ROD:  A lot of good it's done us so far!
          KUP:  Hey!  What's going on over there?
(A six-tentacled bailiff, with a head like something out of "Aliens" but
 garishly-colored in orange, green, blue, white; and floating on an energy
 beam, is speaking)
      BAILIFF:  Has the Imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?
(The Magistrate is an egg-shaped being, with a similar energy beam, and a
 mask-like face, sitting on a throne high above the pit)
   MAGISTRATE:  I have.
      BAILIFF:  Guilty, or innocent?
   MAGISTRATE:  Innocent.
      BAILIFF:  (Turns towards the pit)
               Feed him to the Sharkticons.
(A guard pulls a lever, and ARBLUS drops into the pools.  He is rapidly
 pulled under by the seething mass of SHARKTICONS.)
      HOT ROD:  We've *got* to get ourselves a new travel agent.
(He and Kup are thrown into a cell.  Their shackles evaporate.
 They look around)
      HOT ROD:  What *is* this place?
(Out of the shadows in the adjacent cell, another robot, similar in style to
 the first, comes forward:  KRANIX, of the planet LITHONE (see also
 _Transformers Universe_), seen in the beginning of the movie)
       KRANIX:  The world of the savage Sharkticons and their crew-el
                masters, the Quintessons.  *I* am Kranix.  My planet was
                destroyed by Unicron.
      HOT ROD:  *Unicron*!  (thinks a moment)  Who's Unicron?
       KRANIX:  A planet that devours everything in its path.
          KUP:  So *that's* the monster's name.
(The guards come and grab Kranix)
       KRANIX:  No, please!  I'm the last survivor of Lithone!  No!
      HOT ROD:  Let him go!
               (Is thrown back by a shock from the cell's bars)
      BAILIFF:  Soon you, too, shall receive your sentence.
(Back out in the "courtroom")
      BAILIFF:  Has the Imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?
   MAGISTRATE:  I have.
      BAILIFF:  Guilty, or innocent?
       KRANIX:  Spare me this mockery of justice!
      BAILIFF:  I repeat:  Guilty, or innocent?
   MAGISTRATE:  Innocent.
(Kranix stumbles back, stunned.  The plank drops him.  He dies)
   MAGISTRATE:  Ha ha ha--click--he he he--click--ho ho ho--click--har har
                --click--huh huh huh... (The body rotates, revealing four
                other faces, each different)
          KUP:  Not the end I'd wish for, lad.
-----{Scene 23}
(Elsewhere on the surface, Swoop returns from a scouting mission to the
 other Dinobots)
        SWOOP:  Me swoop no see nothing!
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock positive Kup and Grimlock close.
         SLAG:  Me slag say you full of beryllium baloney.
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock say *you* full of cesium salami!
         SLAG:  Beryllium baloney!
(They brawl, then a strange musical voice comes from somewhere nearby,
 from WHEELIE)
      WHEELIE:  Friend find look behind.
     GRIMLOCK:  Who say that?
      WHEELIE:  Friend find look behind.  You go wrong way, you fool I say.
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock *fool*?
      WHEELIE:  Picture you not, then fool you not.  (laughs)
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock no like you!
(Knocks Wheelie off pf Sludge's head.  Wheelie pulls out a slingshot and hits
Grimlock with something -- a firestone? -- that leaves a burn.)
     GRIMLOCK:  OW!  Why boy hit nose?
      WHEELIE:  Wheelie say find friends today.
(Aerial shot, they're all heading off towards the fortress)
     GRIMLOCK:  Grimlock say we on our way.
-----{Scene 24}
(Back at Unicron)
    GALVATRON:  Unicron!  Why did you torture me?
      UNICRON:  You have failed.
    GALVATRON:  No, Unicron!  Ultra Magnus is dead, and the Matrix destroyed!
      UNICRON:  The Matrix has *not* been destroyed, and Ultra Magnus
               on the Planet of Junk.  Stalk him.  Tear him apart.
               And *destroy* the Matrix.
-----{Scene 25}
(Back on the Planet of Junk, the Autobots are patching their ship)
    PERCEPTOR:  Be sure the fittings are securely welded.
        BLURR:  Absolutely, positively, definetely.  Wouldn't do it any other
               way, any other way at all.
(Daniel walks in, carrying a huge hull plate)
       DANIEL:  Whoa, this exosuit is fantastic.  I think I'm starting to get
               the hang of it.
    WRECK-GAR:  Forward Avanti, Apfel and like, go for the gusto!  Huh, what?
(Looks up as the 'Cons fly in.  There seem to be more Sweeps every time.
 Maybe, being made from Insecticons, they've retained some "swarming"
       MAGNUS:  DECEPTICONS!  We've got to draw them off and double back to
               the shuttle!
(The 'Cons blow up the shuttle)
     SPRINGER:  There goes the shuttle!
       DANIEL:  What do I do?!
        BLURR:  Transform transform!  You can do it you can do it
               you can do it!
(Blurr and Arcee transform and leave Daniel in their dust)
(Scavenger, and Shrapnel, drop in.  Neat trick; didn't Shrapnel get changed 
 to a Sweep?)
    SCAVENGER:  Human germ!
       DANIEL:  *Trans--form!*  (His suit transforms and he bowls them over)
    GALVATRON:  There they are!  Attack!
       MAGNUS:  Make a break for cover!  I'll try to unleash the power of 
               the Matrix.
   (Autobots):  Till All Are One!
(They run into a cavern; Magnus fires and drops a load of junk over the 
       MAGNUS:  Till All Are One.
(Galvatron hops out of Cyclonus; both transform, and stomp up to face Magnus, 
 who is clawing at the Matrix)
       MAGNUS:  Open!  Dammit, open!  Prime, you said the Matrix would light 
               our darkest hour.
    GALVATRON:  Magnus!  I *want* the Matrix.
       MAGNUS:  NEVER!
    GALVATRON:  Sweeps, terminate him!
(Odd.  Didn't he want to kill Magnus himself, earlier?  
 Magnus sustains multiple blasts)
(Magnus blows up.  Galvatron catches the Matrix)
    GALVATRON:  Unicron, my *master*.  With this, I shall make you, my 
(Far away, Unicron roars) 
-----{Scene 26}
(Back on Quintessa, in the "courtroom," both Kup and Hot Rod are on the 
 shackled again) 
      BAILIFF:  Before the Imperial Magistrate delivers his verdict, would
                you like to beg for your lives?  It sometimes helps--but not
          KUP:  I can't transform.
      HOT ROD:  Keep trying.
   MAGISTRATE:  Silence!--or you will be held in contempt of this Court.
      HOT ROD:  I have nothing *but* contempt for this court.
      BAILIFF:  Guilty or Innocent?
   MAGISTRATE:  Innocent.
(Hot Rod and Kup get dropped into the pool.  The shackles evaporate.
 They sink past the Sharkticons towards the bottom)
      HOT ROD:  They've got more Sharkticons than we've got photon charges!
          KUP:  Then let's hold a demolition derby!
(They transform, then start driving round and round the pool.  The
 Sharkticons get carried by the current.  The water level rises, then Kup
 and Hot Rod splash out, still in vehicular mode.  The Sharkticons follow,
 and Hot Rod drives right through them)
      HOT ROD:  Didn't even bend a fender.
          KUP:  Yeah, but look!  There are a lot more of those can-diggin',
               grill-crackin' things.
(Big fight)
      HOT ROD:  We can't hold out forever but we *can* give them one
               *humungous* repair bill!
(The Bailiff is running towards the exit, a pair of huge metal doors)
      BAILIFF:  Execute them!
(The door crashes down on top of him.  Wheelie is riding Grimlock' neck.
 Slag walks over it and notices the tentacles wiggling underneath)
         SLAG:  'Scuse me!
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock want to munch metal!
(The Dinobots draw the Sharkticons off Hot Rod and Kup, and they start
 bowing to him)
      HOT ROD:  I never thought I'd be so happy to see those big bozos.
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock no bozo!  Me king.
   MAGISTRATE:  Sharkticons!  Execute them!
(They transform to their rotund robot modes, and look confused)
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock say execute *them*!
(They turn, and go after the Magistrate and the guards, piling up to climb
the wall.  Someone forgot to color them in)
          KUP:  I think the problems on this planet will be solved,
               very shortly.
      HOT ROD:  Yeah, but what about *our* problem?  We need a ship.
      WHEELIE:  You get ship if I get trip.
      HOT ROD:  Who are you?
     GRIMLOCK:  Him Wheelie.  Him friend.
      HOT ROD:  He'll be mine too if he can find us a ship.
      WHEELIE:  Up stair, over there.
(They look at this big corkscrew-like thing on the lip of the fortress)
          KUP:  *That's* a *ship*?
      HOT ROD:  Who cares, as long as it flies.
-----{Scene 27}
(Once again, back to the Planet of Junk...)
(The Autobots drive up and find the pieces of Ultra Magnus)
        ARCEE:  Ultra Magnus...
        BLURR:  Without the Matrix there is no hope; no hope no hope
               no hope at all.
        ARCEE:  First Prime, now Ultra Magnus.  What will we do?
       DANIEL:  LOOK!
["Dare to be Stupid"]
(The Junkions, all brown and red, with tires and spikes, transforming into
 motorcycles, pop up out of the junky surface, and attack.)
    WRECK-GAR:  Don't look behind Door Number Two, Monty, it's time to play
               end-of-the-line, my Valentine!
               Do runny do run run runny MOOO!
     SPRINGER:  It's not hard to knock 'em down; it's gettin' 'em to stay
               down that's the trick!
        ARCEE:  They're indestructible!
       DANIEL:  And they're *everywhere*!
    WRECK-GAR:  You check in, but you don't check out.
(Fight.  Springer has been cornered; Daniel bonks Wreck-gar with a girder.
 Then the Quintesson ship appears in the sky.  They all pause.  It lands,
 the hatch opens, and Hot Rod, Kup, Wheelie, and the Dinobots appear)
    WRECK-GAR:  Steady as she goes, Mob!  Snoopy visitors get mud in
                the eye and bye-bye.  Film at eleven!
        ARCEE:  It's Hot Rod!
       DANIEL:  And Kup and the Dinobots.
(Kup pulls his rifle on the Junkions)
      HOT ROD:  *Guns* aren't exactly friendly.
          KUP:  Neither are *they*, in case you haven't noticed.
      HOT ROD:  What was that Universal Greeting again?  Never mind,
               I remember.  (He pulls out an Energon Goody (presumambly
               having refueled) and extends it to Wreck-Gar)
               Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong.
    WRECK-GAR:  Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong?
      HOT ROD:  Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong.
    WRECK-GAR:  (to Junkions)
               Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong!
   (Junkions):  Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong!
["Dare to be Stupid" reprise]
(They all start dancing.  One Junkion gives Grimlock a big (wet?)
 smooch on the nose)
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock not kisser; me Grimlock king!
    WRECK-GAR:  Have a nice day, (unintelligible) before striking, friends,
               (unintelligible) say the Junkions!
      HOT ROD:  Where'd you learn to talk like that?
(Wreck-Gar pulls a TV out of a compartment in his midriff)
    WRECK-GAR:  TV!  We talk TV.  You talk some TV?
          KUP:  I talk some TV.  "And now the news.  Don't touch that dial."
   (Junkions):  Ba Weep Gra-na Weep Ninny-Bong!
    WRECK-GAR:  By George, kemosabes, your smashed-up friend soon like brand
               new with ninety day warrantee.
(Junkions rush in with pieces of Magnus; they plug them together, then
 pull out car polish and spiffy him up.  Interestingly enough, they seem
 to get his right and left legs reversed)
    WRECK-GAR:  Happy motoring!  Cock-a-doodle-do!
       DANIEL:  Look, he's alive!
        (All):  He's alive!
       DANIEL:  I don't believe it!
       MAGNUS:  You're--all alive.
      HOT ROD:  The Matrix...?
       MAGNUS:  (looks down)
               It's gone.
          KUP:  And with it, all hope.
      HOT ROD:  NO!
        ARCEE:  Galvatron has it.
      HOT ROD:  Where's Galvatron?!  Where is he?!
    WRECK-GAR:  And the answer is:  Unicron.
      HOT ROD:  Then we've got to destroy Unicron!
    WRECK-GAR:  Yes friends, act now destroy Unicron.  Kill the Grand Poobah;
               eliminate even the toughest stains!  No fuss, no muss!
(He opens a panel on a piece of junk, presses some buttons, and a spaceship
 rears up out of the junk, as haphazardly-built as the Junkions themselves)
    WRECK-GAR:  Hurry hurry, sale must end, rush right down and test-drive
               latest model with no obligation.  New improved Junkion planet
               is sleek, sexy import, with turbo-handling.
   (Junkions):  Yeah!  Destroy Unicron, kill Grand Poobah, eliminate even the
                toughest stains!  Destroy Unicron, kill Grand Poobah, eliminate
                even the toughest stains!  Destroy Unicron, kill Grand Poobah,
                eliminate even the toughest stains...
(Junkions stream into their ship.  Then, both ships launch from the surface
 and arc away into the sky)
-----{Scene 28}
(We're back at Unicron.  Galvatron is standing on the rim around Unicron's
 yellow mouth-region.  The Matrix is hanging from a chain around his neck)
    GALVATRON:  Unicron.  UNICRON!  See this?  The *Matrix*!  I now possess
               that which you most fear!  You'll do my bidding, or taste
               my wrath!
      UNICRON:  You underestimate me, Galvatron.
(The "ground" beneath Galvatron's feet splits open, spilling light
 out.  A really amazing transformation scene ensues, that I can't
 possibly due justice to in prose.  The look on Galvatron's face is
 The camera angles are great.  Pieces  go all over the place.
 Galvatron ends up standing just below Unicron's chin.)
      UNICRON:  For a time, I considered sparing your wretched little planet
               Cybertron, but now you shall witness--ITS DISMEMBERMENT!
(Unicron soars towards Cybertron, brings his arm back, and *smashes* it into
 the surface.  The planet shakes!
    SHOCKWAVE:  (On a tower balcony)
               Decepticons, we're under attack!  SCRAMBLE!
(Unicron chomps some jets, and swats others out of the sky.  Galvatron
 transforms and blasts at his face.  Unicron, annoyed, picks him
 up--fingers the size of skyscrapers descending upon him, metal plates
 the size of city blocks--they closed on him, ever so gently for such a
 giant--(getting poetic, am I?)--and drops him down his throat.
 Galvatron spirals down, down, down his metal gullet (I'm disappointed
 it didn't look like the blood-red, jelly-like pulsating technoplasm
 seen beyond his mouth when in planet mode)
-----{Scene 29}
(on board Quintesson space ship, the Autobots view the carnage; two missing
 moons; Unicron, fully as big as Cybertron (at least in this scene),
 alongside, tearing into it)
     SPRINGER: I don't believe it.
      HOT ROD:  Doesn't this *remind* you of anything, Kup?
          KUP:  Nope.  Never seen *anything* like this before.
       DANIEL:  What's happened to Moonbase Two?  Where's my dad?
      HOT ROD:  That's what we're gonna find out.
["Dare" reprise]
(Unicron notices them and attacks.  He spits blue flame at the Junkion ship)
    WRECK-GAR:  (unintelligible) Now resists fire, rain, and corrosion for
               up to five years.  Satisfaction, guaranteed.
   (Junkions):  OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
(Death Star-class laser beams lance from his optics, blasting a hole through
 the Quintesson ship.  Hot Rod grimly steers it right *through* Unicron's
 left optic window; they all spill out and fall into his guts.
 Hot Rod gets hung up on a spike, and is separated from the rest)
       DANIEL:  Where's Hot Rod?
     SPRINGER:  I don't know--
(Claws on tentacles--some sort of "immune" system--jump out of the walls and
 chase the Autobots)
     SPRINGER:  --but I hope *they* didn't get him!
        ARCEE:  Quick, this way!
-----{Scene 30}
[Great sepulchral organ music that doesn't appear on the soundtrack]
(Hot Rod falls off his spike, even deeper into Unicron.  He wanders around,
 then catches sight of some lights in the shadows--one blue, the other two,
 above it, red)
      HOT ROD:  The *Matrix*!
    GALVATRON:  It will do you no good, Autobot.  It *cannot* be opened.
      HOT ROD:  Not by a *Decepticon*!
    GALVATRON:  Like it or not, we are allies now, against a common
               foe--AARRGH! (red pain)
      UNICRON:  Destroy him, Galvatron, NOW, or you *yourself* shall
               be *obliterated*!
    GALVATRON:  Of course, my master!  (He fires.  Hot Rod evades and runs)
               Puny Autobot!  You lack even Prime's courage.
-----{Scene 31}
(Outside, the Dinobots have dropped out of the Junkion ship.  They
 transform and attack)
(Grimlock comes down, feet-first, making a very small dent on Unicron's
 posterior.  Slag melts some plating; Sludge pounds a wall with his tail.
 Unicron's fist comes down, scattering them)
     GRIMLOCK:  Me Grimlock need *new* strategy.
(They fly away)
-----{Scene 32}
(The other Autobots are running down a long conduit.  Daniel falls and is
 attacked by the immune claws)
       DANIEL:  Help!  Help!
        ARCEE:  DANIEL!
(She fires, severing the claws.  She also ruptures a water pipe, and they're
 swept away by the flood)
       DANIEL:  Arcee!  Kup!
(Daniel washes "ashore" in a huge cavern with a huge vat in the middle.  An
 aerial conveyor is dropping robots into the cauldron, where they melt down.
 Spike, Bumblebee, and Jazz are nearing the drop-off point)
       DANIEL:  DAD!
        SPIKE:  DANIEL!
       DANIEL:  HOW?
        SPIKE:  BLAST IT, SON!
        SPIKE:  USE YOUR EXOSUIT!  (Daniel fiddles with buttons)  HURRY!
(Daniel finally fires a rocket blast, severing a cover strut.  It falls--
 slowly.  Then the claw drops Spike...)
       DANIEL:  DAAAAD...!
       DANIEL:  YEAH!  I did it.
-----{Scene 33}
(Elsewhere in Unicron...)
    GALVATRON:  Come out, Autobot.  We all must die sometime.
      HOT ROD:  Not today, Galvatron!
(He punches him, drives away, rolls back and pounces.  They fight.
 Galvatron throttles him)
    GALVATRON:  I will crush you with my *bare hands*.  DIE, Autobot!
-----{Scene 34}
(Unicron catches the Junkion ship and *squeezes*.  Perceptor
 stands in the middle as the walls shrink, Junkions desperately repairing.
 Then it shatters, and he tosses away the fragments)
-----{Scene 35}
(Back inside, Hot Rod is fading fast)
    GALVATRON:  First Prime, then Ultra Magnus, and *now*--you.  It's a
               *pity* you Autobots die so easily, or I *might* have a
               sense of *satisfaction*, *now*...
["The Touch"]
(Light spills from the Matrix.  Galvatron lets go; Hot Rod grabs it from
 his neck)
OPTIMUS PRIME:  (voiceover)
               Arise, Rodimus Prime.
      HOT ROD:  Optimus--
(He fires, knocking the Matrix from Hot Rod's/Rodimus' hands.  His voice is 
 now deeper, more mature)
RODIMUS PRIME:  *This* is the *end of the road*, *Galvatron*! 
(He grabs Galvatron bodily, and throws him at the wall.  Galvatron crashes 
 through into space and tumbles away.  Another shot I can't do justice to)
RODIMUS PRIME:  Now, light our *darkest hour*!
(Rodimus then takes the Matrix, and slips his fingers--they fit perfectly--
 into the holes in its "handles."  He pulls; the shell splits apart; the 
 dazzling sapphire gem in the center starts sparking, and a coruscating 
 globe of lightning grows around him.  Unicron's components start to 
-----{Scene 36}
(Elsewhere, the Autobots are pinned down by the immune claws, when suddenly 
 the claws all explode.  Spike, Daniel, Bumblebee, Jazz, and Cliffjumper run 
 up from another tunnel (capillary?))
     SPRINGER:  Spike!  Daniel!
        SPIKE:  Springer!  What's going on?!
     SPRINGER:  No time to answer that now.  Let's get outta here!
(Unicron's fingers tear into that compartment.  They all duck)
       DANIEL:  LOOK!
(Rodimus shows up, the corridor behind him starting to explode)
RODIMUS PRIME:  Autobots!  Transform, and Roll Out!
(He transforms, his new form sharing stylistic details with his old, but this 
 time sporting a trailer.  His canopy pops open, and Spike and Daniel 
 climb in)
          KUP:  I knew you had potential, lad.
(The others transform.  The drive out, and crash out through Unicron's 
 right optic window)
(Unicron is having problems.  He's spewing blue light from a hundred 
 fractures.  His internal sensing monitors explode.  He pulls off a leg)
      UNICRON:  Destiny!...You cannot--destroy--my--DESS-TI-NEE--!
(His head pops off.  Then his body explodes)
-----{Scene 37}
(On Cybertron, Rodimus is addressing the assembled Autobots)
RODIMUS PRIME:  Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian Wars, as we march 
               forward to a new age of peace and happiness.  
               Till All Are One!
   (Autobots):  Till All Are One!
(Camera pulls back, and again, showing the ravaged surface.  It pulls back
 further, until we see the entire planet.  
(Unicron's head floats into view, rotating slowly, orbiting the planet)
-----THE END-----
["Transformers theme"]
(End Credits)
        A De Laurentis Entertainment Group release of a 
               Sunbow Productions/Marvel film.
Executive Producers:           Margaret Loesch
                              Lee Gunther 
Producers:                     Joe Bacal
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Director:                      Nelson Shin 
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Editor:                        David Hankins 
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Narrator:                      Victor Caroli
Eric Idle              Wreck-Gar  
Judd Nelson            Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime     
Leonard Nimoy          Galvatron     
Robert Stack           Ultra Magnus     
Lionel Stander         Kup     
Orson Welles           Unicron     
John Moschitta         Blurr     
Norm Alden             Kranix     
Jack Angel             Astrotrain     
Michael Bell           Prowl/Scrapper/Swoop/Junkion
Gregg Berger           Grimlock     
Susan Blu              Arcee     
Arthur Burghardt       Devastator     
Corey Burton           Spike, Brawn, Shockwave
Roger C. Carmel        Cyclonus/Quintesson Leader     
Victor Caroli          Narrator
Rege Cordic            Quintesson Judge ("Magistrate," as I call him)    
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Scatman Crothers       Jazz     
Bud Davis              Dirge     
Walker Edmiston        Inferno     
Paul Eiding            Perceptor     
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Casey Kasem            Cliffjumper     
Chris Latta            Starscream     
David Mendenhall       Daniel     
Don Messick            Gears     
Hal Rayle              Shrapnel     
Clive Revill           Kickback     
Neil Ross              Bonecrusher/Hook/Springer/Slag     
Frank Welker           Soundwave/Megatron/Rumble/Frenzy/Wheelie/Junkion  
        (Credits borrowed from "Film Review Annual 1986" 
         as transcribed by